Unique réseau féminin de Business Angels en France et 1er réseau féminin en Europe

The first female Business Angels network in Europe

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About Us :

FBA is the only women business angels network in France, and n° 1 in Europe.

About 160 women personally invest in high potential start ups, and support them in their growth.

FBA investors are focused on high potential companies in various fields, at a very early stage (seed or development), led by men and women, and raising between 200K and 2M€.

On March 1st 2017, FBA held its first Women Investors Forum, “Winday”, sponsored by BNP Private Banking. The purpose of this event is to present the activity of business angel to women.

After a successful first edition, the Winday 2 took place on November 15th 2018, under the patronage of Marlène Schiappa and Mounir Mahjoubi (both Secretary of State), hosted in Mahjoubi’s Ministry. This edition, still sponsored by BNP Private Banking, was co-organized with the European Program we were part of.
The third edition of the WINDAY is planned on March 3rd 2020, hosted by Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance.
In 2017-2018, FBA was involved in a European Program called Women Business Angels for Europe’s Entrepreneurs ( WA4E). This 2 year program increased the number of woman BAs in Europe, and promoted financing for start ups held by women. 6 countries were members: France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Team study and individual investment

The projects are reviewed by a team, but each investor chooses freely and independently whether or not she will invest in the project.

The FBA network offers both friendliness and professionalism. It encourages women in being part of the business angel adventure, and in supporting talented and daring entrepreneurs.

Who are the women BAs?

FBA members are active women, aged 50 ( average), working in various fields as executives, managers or independent professionals.

Our values, our history:

FBA was created in 2003 by Béatrice Jauffrineau and a small group of women, most of them HEC Alumni, with the support of the France Angels network and Conseil général d’Ile de France.

At the time, the goal was to bring together the few women active in the traditional financial world of BAs, and promoting an active role of women in economy and more specifically in entrepreneurship.

Since its creation, the network aims to help start ups to emerge, led either by men or women.

FBA’s distinctiveness sums up in 3 points:

An assumed but non exclusive femininity.
all active members are women with various backgrounds, wanting to promote the role of women in the economy.
They are proven to share a same approach to projects, pragmatic and efficient, and a will to grow a dynamic and friendly women network.
But this femininity doesn’t exclude a balanced vision: financing projects led by men or women, jointly with other -mostly men- networks.
The average age within the network, 48, is younger than the national average age of BAs ( 57). Most members are active women who, in spite of their busy schedules, make time to help entrepreneurs with their experience and advice.
Seeking an added value in every respect.
Our specific approach mixes financial indicators and specific criteria such as innovation,( technological, conceptual, commercial) , social or daily usefulness, eco-friendly dimension.